Now every Wednesday 8pm-11pm. (( Except this upcoming Wed. Feb 20th )) Free to play! Win great prizes- 3 games, jump in any time.



Come show us your star power on any given Thursday evening from 9pm to midnight. Hosted by the one and only Ed Snyder who will show you the ropes! Free for all.


Ed & Mary’s BLOCK PARTY!

We're having a block party for our dog's 1st birthday! Yes. You heard that right. Bulleit Bourbon is helping us throw this baller bash for our darling adorable pup's (appropriately named Bulleit) first bday. SATURDAY AUGUST 17th: NOON-7PM: there will be live music, food trucks, corn hole, a pop-up dog park, beer, cocktails . . . if you're thinking of adopting please come and meet the dogs that Waggytail Rescue will have out and about. Bring your kids to meet them too! A family friendly event that we're ridiculously excited to be throwing. Mark your calendars!